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Monday, October 9, 2017

Translation: biscuits at the cake stall

Some time ago, I wrote about language / phrase / name differences we've found in Australia.

As we've grown more comfortable and familiar with our surroundings, I thought it would be fun to give an updated list of some of these different phrases.

"How you going" is a very common greeting. I've only once been greeted by someone who said "g'day." At least among my friends and my daily routine, g'day isn't common.

Lollies are candy.

A cake stall is a bake sale.

The tuck shop is a canteen.

Your rucksack is your backpack.

A drink bottle is a water bottle.

Your mate is your friend / pal / buddy.

Biscuits are (often) cookies (but usually more like a shortbread vs. soft cookie).

Your lunch sack is your lunch bag.

The arvo is the afternoon.

Rego is registration.

A mozzie is a mosquito.

Tassie is Tasmania.

To whinge is to whine.

Cheese toasties are grilled cheese.

The chemist is the pharmacy / drug store.

Your bub is your baby. Your nan is your grandma. Your mum is your mom.

And Melbourne is not pronounced Mel-burn. It's Mel-bun.

I don't necessarily agree with all of these, but I thought it was fun!

That is today's public service announcement. Cheers, mate!

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