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Monday, February 20, 2017


On our first trip to a grocery store, we felt obligated to buy Vegemite.

Vegemite in many sizes at Coles; there are now additional variations of the original.
You've probably heard of this Australian staple from late 70s / early 80s band Men at Work. Without checking Wikipedia or another source, can you name anyone in the band? Neither could I.

Aaron described Vegemite as salt spread. It's made from leftover brewers yeast and some vegetable scraps. We bought a jar and spread a bit on a cracker. 

I'm trying to be diplomatic and polite here, but, BLECH! 

We've since been told we did it all wrong. Vegemite is to be lightly smeared on a piece of buttered toast. Mmmmkay.

As of publish time, we haven't (re)tried it. I guess we're not feeling it, plus the boys have discovered Nutella! They'll eat pretty much anything with a little dab of Nutella on it.

We have good friends back in the US who love Vegemite so much they've dubbed us their suppliers of the stuff. Early in our second week we procured 10 squeeze tubes of Vegemite and shipped it to Arkansas. Bless their hearts!

I thought it was important to bring Vegemite comprehension to the non-Australian readers, and to help you understand that we're seeing this experience as a true adventure! We want to step out of our comfort zones, try new things and experience a broader world view. (Truth be told, if there were an Olive Garden here, E would be first in line for never ending pasta and all you can eat breadsticks.) All of this comes with a bit of a learning curve, which I'll cover in the next post...


  1. I think Vegemite is one of the most vile things I have ever tasted. Kudos to you all for trying it!

    1. Agree. It basically just tastes like yeast. Just unnecessary.