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Friday, February 17, 2017


As I reported in our first blog, we connected with the great folks at Inner Sydney Montessori School very early in our moving process. Really before we were even officially moving. More like in the "we could be moving" and eventually the "we're very likely moving but we can't really talk about it" stage. We had records transferred, Skype get to know you sessions, paid enrollment fees, etc all before we were officially, officially moving.

Though this may seem crazy to have taken on so early in the process, it was crucial to me that the boys could get settled quickly. Not just for their ease in adjusting but also for my sanity!

Arriving as summer holiday was winding down worked out very nicely for us. This meant that after a short adjustment to the time change, the boys could start school right at the beginning of the school year. We had about 10 days between landing and E's first day where we explored the city. Aside from the touristy stuff, we visited the school, met teachers and got ready for their first days at ISMS.

E was the first to go off to school on the very first day back from summer holiday.
In the elevator on the way to school.

We took 2 public buses to get to Micah's campus so E could ride the bus from there to his campus. I wanted him to get used to that on Day 1. He was so so nervous (who can blame him?!?) but put on such a brave face.

At pickup time, I was greeted with the biggest smile I've ever seen on his face. Big and genuine. I *gushed* with happiness. He was a celebrity in his class! The teacher let the children ask him anything they wanted about life in the US. Many inquiries about guns. It was a bit disturbing to hear his recount of this, but such is life.

M's first day was the next day and he roared off to school with his typical gusto! 

E's teacher reported after his first week, "He is a quiet and considerate soul and we are seeing glimpses of his true self emerging as each day passes." She also noted, "I feel like he has been with me for longer." 

M's teacher reported, "Micah is continuing to demonstrate his social feathers of confidence" and "It has been wonderful to observe his great ability to just get in there! He definitely lacks no confidence!" Also, "He is very keen and a great little worker - focused and great concentration!"

I love how quickly and accurately the teachers have gotten to know the boys, and I 💝 how unique each kiddo is.

One of the biggest changes at school has been that the boys get to bring their own lunches! I bet many parents are groaning at the thought of making school lunches. It hasn't bothered me yet. Yet. I'm pretty sure our kids are the only children in Australia who haven't brought Vegemite sandwiches for lunch. Read more about Vegemite in the next post!

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  1. Love reading about the boys! A lot of the stuff that you describe about Australia (words and foods) is the same in England. My English boyfriend introduced me to vegemite in 2003 or so... it is totally gross. Coincidentally, his wife and 3 boys live in Australia (but not Sydney).