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Sunday, June 3, 2018

Sydney in summer

We arrived back from our wonderful New Zealand trip around 5PM on New Year's Eve.

Sydney is a spectacular place to ring in the New Year! The city puts on a multi-tiered event over the Harbour. The first round of fireworks begin around 9P for the early crowd. Here's the official video of the fireworks.

One of my photos!

We were pretty exhausted from New Zealand and were all asleep (I think) before midnight.

We were back in Sydney for about 10 days before we left for the next set of adventures. We went to beaches, bowling, the Opera House for a show, climbed the Harbour Bridge, spent time with some Aussie-American friends who were in-country, packed to move houses and just enjoyed summer!

I'm not generally a fan of sand but this wasn't terrible (until we got home and had to deal with the clean-up)

Beach bums!

Surfers rinsing their boards

We happened to pick the hottest day of the year to climb the Harbour Bridge. It was a beautiful view but lacked in physical challenge. Cool experience, though, and glad I did it. I think Rhona agrees.

Only Nani and I climbed!
Bowling with Papi
Hanging with our buddies from Bentonville, even though none of us live there anymore. So thankful to have stayed in touch with this crew!

We were really on the move over the summer! After New Zealand and some time in Sydney we hit Hamilton Island, Tasmania and Melbourne. Read about the Fidler's ON THE REEF next!

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