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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Taronga Zoo, by E

Hello my name is Eytan and I am going to tell you about the zoo. The Taronga zoo is fun. We can get there by ferry, car, bus or many other ways.

I like that it has a lot of animals. There are some new animals we aren't used to seeing at zoos in America, like koalas, kangaroos and quokkas.

Quokka's are nocturnal and herbivores. They are also marsupials. This means they have a pouch for their babies. Quokka's live on Rottnest Island. It's far away.
Courtesy Jean Holy Smithereens
This is what a quokka looks like. You can also watch this video to see them move around.

Video courtesy Sara Kate Raymond

Koalas are also marsupials. They sleep a lot. A 17 year old koala will have slept 15 years of its life. They eat eucalyptus. 

We cannot touch them where we live. They are protected by the government. You can touch them in other states in Australia, like Queensland to our north or Victoria to our south.

One day we were at Taronga zoo looking at the chimps and all of a sudden they went crazy. They were hungry and fighting over food. We tried to post a video of it but it didn't work. 

We can walk through where the lemurs live. You cannot touch them. They live in Madagascar and eat mostly insects and fruit. 


They like to move it! Move it!

They have a seal show at the zoo. They jump off a fake cliff. They jump up and catch fish. I like to watch it.

They also have a bird show. The birds swoop down and do tricks.

The zoo has a sky train that takes you across the zoo over the animals. It was scary at first but then I liked it. It's a good way to get from one end of the zoo to the other instead of just walking. I also like the view.

There are kangaroos at the Taronga zoo. Kangaroos are big marsupials. There are different types of kangaroos such as grey kangaroos, antilopine kangaroos, and tree-kangaroos and they live in different places.

This is a grey kangaroo!

We joined as members of the zoo because we love visiting it so much. It's nice to support the animals at Taronga zoo.

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  1. I enjoyed reading about your zoo adventure and watching the videos you provided. Look forward to reading more about you experience Down Under.