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Monday, May 1, 2017

Trouble in Paradise, by M

Hi, I am Micah and I am 5 1/2 years old.

I got stuck in the toilet in Fiji. Here's what happened: the lock came off. No one knew how to get me out. I was almost stuck in there for an hour.

How did we get me out? The man came with a big knife and he told me to stand back. Mommy said he jabbed it into the toilet stall door. He tried to cut it open. That did not work. 

He came with a tall chair and hoisted me out. "Stand on the toilet" the man said. Some people helped him and he picked me up and pulled me over the toilet wall. 

When I got out everyone was happy. I hugged mommy and wouldn't let go. I was so sad I didn't want to go back to Fiji again in my life. I still don't feel happy about that.


Back at school, Micah drew a picture and wrote the above document about his holiday. All grammar and spelling have been corrected to protect my sanity. It reads: In the holiday I went to Fiji and I got stuck in a toilet.

[Some editor's notes and fill-ins: Micah did, in fact, get stuck in a toilet stall at a lovely resort near Lautoka, Fiji. Being the incredibly confident human that he is, he ventured to the toilet himself, locked the stall door and the lock broke. He did inform me he used the toilet before calling for help. He was not in the stall for an hour, as he claims; probably 7 minutes before we knew he was in distress and another 4 minutes until he was freed. Micah was a local celebrity upon reaching freedom. Our taxi driver mentioned the excitement without realizing he was driving the same child who was stuck. M is still experiencing toilet terrors. I predict this will be one of his earliest memories as he grows up. In lieu of another trip to Fiji, we may set that money aside for his future therapy.]


  1. Aw, I love Micah writing his own post!

    1. So fun, right? Love your kids' birthday interviews each year :-)