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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Some days are like that...

We're big fans of the book Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day by Judith Viorst and illustrated by Ray Cruz. If you don't remember the book, here's a reading of it:

For many years, when something "bad" (as defined by E & M) happened in our family, we'd respond with "...even in Australia." But now that we live here, it's take on a very new and different meaning for all of us. Now we say "...even in America" because sometimes life just don't go your way no matter where you live. 

That leads me to one of our big opportunities in Oz: making friends and finding people we really connect with. The kids are a nice door opener, but the culture here is very different from NW Arkansas. Most of the families in Sydney are two working parents. So after the kids get dropped off at school I'm left to my own devices. It can be lonely. 

There's a small group of parents who started a walking group once / week after we drop the kids off at school. That's been wonderful! I really like the other parents, and we're planning a weekend event to get the spouses and kids all integrated. There's also talk of a winter ski trip down south. Remember: that's June - August in the southern hemisphere.

I tell you all this not for sympathy but to help you understand that while all the procedural things are going as planned, making friends and forming our village is something that can't be researched and organized (at least not to the level I'm accustomed to). As much as I'm loving Sydney, I miss my friends and family. I miss our village. I miss having friends for taco Tuesday and Shabbat. I miss our friends at the basketball courts / soccer / baseball fields while the kids practice and play. 

I also believe very much in keeping posts on social media REAL. This is real. 

This lack of village became very apparent over the last few days when I got smacked with a bad cold. I didn't have anyone to call or text to ask if they could pick the boys up from school. I didn't even have a doctor to call to run my symptoms by to make sure I was doing the right things at home. We are a bit unprepared for the unexpected junk life throws at you. 

We've gotten involved in the Jewish community, the boys have had playdates (yeah!), we've been invited to birthday parties (double yeah!) but this is an area that just takes more time. I am impatient. I want my village.

Speaking of patience (or my lack of?), the boys are growing impatient waiting for their turn to write a blog post!!! Questions can be submitted in the comments section of the blog (below). They'll write it between couch surfing and being awesome, as seen below. 


  1. Hi Fidler fam! I miss you all and love reading the blog. E and M have grown up so much and I'm so happy to see all the smiles on their faces. Ask them about some of their perceived "big differences" between ARK and SYD? Does life feel much different for a kid when you travel around the world? I hope you feel better asap! Find a Crossfit box! <3 Jeremy Rosen

  2. Hi guys! J, sending big hugs to you and hope you're feeling better! I love the idea of s post from the boys! I want to know a couple things. First, (maybe for E?) what are the most common questions kids ask about Americans/America? Second, what's their favorite thing about AUS? It can be anything -- a food, place, school subject, etc.

  3. I've enjoyed reading every blog entry you've made I love the details because I feel as though I'm right alongside you down under.
    Not sure I'd try driving but maybe it's easier when behind wheel versus trying to imagine it.

    E & M: How do you like living in Australia? How about Vegemite? What's it like being the "new kid" in class? Please your experience riding the train or buses. Have you found a cf box? Hope you feel better soon.

  4. Please share your experience riding the buses and/or trains.

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  7. Aw, I'm playing Aussie catch-up on these great posts! Miss you Fidlers. You were one of the first family friends were made in NWA. It's tough, but it'll happen... as you know. Love and miss. Xx